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Do you enjoy couponing

do you enjoy couponing

container that you can move from the house to your car and carry into the store. Theyre not covering the kitchen table with coupons and letting their lives get taken over by newspaper inserts. To find out more about a system that works well for us, check out. Did your total come to what you expected to spend? Part One: How to Start. Print it out and carry a copy of that policy with you, Cupler said. Acquire as many as you can, using these top sources:. It usually costs just a fraction of what youd pay in the store, especially if you buy supplies in bulk.

Tracking Software Want to know how much youre saving over time? Even if coupons are limited to one per transaction, you can use them again on another trip! A brand name with a coupon isn't always cheaper than discount brands, and buying it at a more expensive store that accepts your coupon could still be pricier than buying it somewhere else. Donts Avoid a stockpile so large it doesnt fit on your shelves. . You can also keep a list of your stores coupon policies in the binder. You can make a note of which inserts your favorite coupons came from, so youll have an easy reference if you want to get more. You can print about three to four coupons per sheet of paper, if you cut carefully. Step 5: Storage and Distribution When you start getting extreme savings, youre going to stockpile items very quickly, and youre going to need more space.

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